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About Us.

Drake’s Burgers & Shakes Founder, Kevin Rios

The idea.

behind the scenes


Founder, Kevin Rios, chose his own neighborhood for this new burger and wings concept named after his son, Drake. Kevin & his father Mario opened their first restaurant in 2005 under the name Mojitos Cuban Bistro.  From there they opened Veritas Steak and Seafood in Lake Pointe in 2010.  Kevin studied wine and developed one of the biggest wine lists in Fort Bend County and was the Sommelier for Veritas.  

In February 2020 Kevin and his family made the difficult decision to close Veritas and concentrate on Drake’s Burgers and Shakes.  Kevin says it’s the best decision he has made in his restaurant career. He felt that he could carry elements of that fine dining experience into a small neighborhood concept, and Drake’s Burgers And Shakes was born.